Breath is the life source to your soul!

Show Me the Garden Hose!

What I bring to the Table for Sport Teams and Athletes?

  • There is no price on "SUCCESS" when climbing to be the best with your sport
  • This is "ESSENTIAL" if you are serious about your success as an athlete
  • Help you gain the "FOCUS" required to compete at a high level
  • Help teams develop the chemistry needed to compete as a unit
  • Give athletes a mental & physical break from the pressure & stress sport and life put on them
  • One ingredient missing to help you be the best you can be

Why do Yin Yoga for Sports?


For Maximum Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health and Balance begin to incorporate Yin Yoga for Sports into your life.

  • Improve your mental focus, physical, emotional, and energetic state of being
  • Calming and balancing of Mind – Body – Emotions
  • Great for any "FITNESS" and sport enthusiast, or weekend warrior
  • Remove blockages, helps recovery and prevents injury
  • Increase & regulate your energy by releasing of the fascia, toxins - helping with lubrication & protection of joints
  • Challenges you to find stillness in mind and body which helps the emotional well being and improve your immune system
  • I use Yin (static) and Vinyasa (physical) movements together or completely on their own.

Yin Yoga for Sport - Teams - Fitness

The Secret to Success is in the Stillness and Awareness of Thought - Breath - Body

What is Yin Yoga for Sports?

Yin Yoga for Sports is for athletes, sport teams, the weekend warrior, fitness enthusiast using Yin, Yang, Athletic, Mental and Physical exercises to help you acquire complete balance with mind, body, energy, emotion and spirit. Find what best suits your needs!

For best gains for your teams, athletes, or fitness enthusiast is the 5 or more day programs. This will help you benefit the deeper connective tissue changes in the shortest amount of time; at the same time, create the positive habits that will follow mentally, physically and emotionally.

All this will be done on the comfort of a Yoga mat.

The Three Principles of Yin Yoga

After spending a week at Yin Yoga teacher training with Bernie Clark, the 3 principles he instilled in me are finding your edge/s in the pose, settling in the stillness, than holding it for time from 1 to 20 minutes.

The most important and challenging part isn't the edges or the time held, but finding the stillness in mind, body, & emotions. Calming the mind where you are with each inhale and exhale focusing all your breath and focus inside to the sensation/s. It is much like being in the zone or moment with sport, playing music, etc. In Yin Yoga for Sports there is only one moment to be living in during my classes. This is where the real power and healing comes from - your ability to be with each moment and pose during the class. I focus much attention during class helping you find this stillness.

Mental Benefits

Yin Yoga for Sports helps you deal with becoming more comfortable, calm with discomfort  instead of being alarmed due to the stresses that occur in the deep connective tissues of the body during a class. This calmness can be carried over to every aspect of your life, sport, or physical activity. The emotional well being by removing blockages over time is priceless.

Benefits on an Energetic Level

The prana, or life force, which is said to reside in the tissues throughout the body often becomes built up. It’s as if the joints and tissues act as a dam to the natural flow of internal energy. Yin yoga poses, which are thought to act similarly as Chinese acupuncture, encourage the release of this blockage. Energy channels referred to as nadis are said to have control over things such as emotional well-being and the immune system. Strengthening these channels is one of the motivations behind many of the poses in yin yoga.

Yin Yoga Programs

All Programs are Created to Help Refresh the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit


Private Lessons: All session are 90 minutes focused just on you. $79  for up to 3 people. $59 for 1 person or buy a package of 10 and safe $10 per session on both.


  Campbell River Programs/Classes:  You provide the space for programs and classes. Certain occasions I will rent space. Of course there will be less cost when space is provided by you. Out of Town Programs: You can provide space or I will set up space, however, there will be additional cost. When required, Accommodations, Gratuities, and Travel will be included in total cost of programs. Generic Fusion Classes: These are one day classes that have a mix of Yin, Yang, and Athletic movements all done on a yoga mat. Good for cross training, fitness enthusiast and athletes. Generic Yin like Classes: All Yin like poses to target the deep connective tissue, focus of the mind, body and emotions. Programs:

“Being in breath, there is only one moment to be living in”

“Is the essence of awareness, success, peace & growth” 

  • All programs can be one or to double the affects, two-a-day sessions. All sessions are done on a yoga mat and are 90 minutes long. All growth, insight, balance, will come from you finding that stillness using your breath and the attention you pay internally during the session In addition to using the workbook.
  • Everyone will be at a different place; therefore, receive different results. I am just there to help you focus on breath, movement, and dwell internally what is in you, without the external distraction that consumes our conscious thinking & life. I am just a tool to help you get to where “you” want to go.
  • There is a mix of all the essentials to maximize the benefits for you physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally. Varity is an essential human need and important so we don’t get bored; while at the same time, helps growth because we don’t become stale.
  • All programs will have yin and fusion (physical yoga movements using the muscles) with added athletic movements to maximize the benefits for you. Some days will be just yin - yin with fusion - and yin, fusion and athletic movements.
  • Specific programs come with workbook full of beneficial work, helpful tools. A free shirt, bottle, called Yin Yoga for Sports – Do What is Necessary Now! A Free 60 min life coaching consultation to keep you on track, and all the areas we will cover to help you keep the habits you acquire and more. The workbook and free coaching session alone are worth more than what the yin yoga sessions are.
  • With the two a day session for the 3 day and up programs, I will incorporate the same movements so the memory of movement, what I say, benefits physically, and focus it takes is better absorbed in mind, body, and emotions. Therefore doubling the affects of the sessions for that day. Repetition is important at times.