What Is Necessary

What Is Necessary isn't about winning that game, the promotion you have been fighting for, or the business you have been dreaming of starting. This kind of goal is normal and is kind of easy if you are passionate, persistent and can follow the 3 step to success, which is an agreement with you to do and accept what is necessary. The journey will be challenging, but fun and enjoying the journey can be part of it. 

W.I.N. is about doing What Is Necessary to fight our greatest enemy - ourselves. By doing this, you will conquer yourself & what you are passionate about. Ultimately, give yourself the best chance for success with your health, fitness, and sport if this is one of your goals.

When you finally understand your greatest hurdle, yourself, everything else will begin to happen, both naturally and effortlessly; with some struggles of course.

Ultimately, creating the life of your dreams that will have balance, harmony, purpose and connection. Don't sell yourself short with the life you want and deserve.


Health and Fitness

When you take care of your wellbeing mental, physically, and emotionally, all other challanges with work and life  are much easier to deal with. It is just a matter of being sick and tired of being sick and tired where you are right now. Change will never really happen until you are ready and accept the changes that need to be made.

If you keep doing what you are doing mentally, physically and emotionally, you will of course have the same results.

Fitness is part of health. If you don't stress you body, your body will begin to break down affecting many areas in regards to you health.

Change is just outside you comfort zone. There is no other way to put it. Fill out the info below to Download my free audio to begin this change!

 I do do personal training at your home or gym of you choice if you need that little extra push & motivation.



Check out my Sport Bio too

I fully understand sport and the challenges for athletes. I have over 40 years experience as an athlete and coach, at Island, Provincial and National Championships in Hockey, Fastball and Track and Field. Mentally, sport is the same. Physically, sports mechanics are different. It is how we handle the sport emotionally that is the key to not only being successful, but handle the pressures, and the ups and downs sports will without fail present to you.

I currently have a patent pending for Fight Elite; a training device for full contact strikes that has and is definitely taken me on a crazy and wonderful journey at the same time.

With my world class mindset, sport & coaching experience, combined with my teaching of Yin Yoga, I offer athletes a unique opportunity to be the best they can be in sport and life.

Whether is is just life coaching to help with the mental and emotional challenges and goals or if it is doing Yin Yoga for Sports with you or both, you will begin to acquire the balanced needed physically, mentally and emotionally to rise above your competition.

I will show you What Is Necessary to be and get to the top 6% of your competition. The rest is having the willing spirit to do What Is Necessary.

Hope to talk to you soon to help you with your health, fitness or sport....

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